Wedding Policy & Fee Schedule

candle20header20web20siteThe following is the statement of policy for weddings conducted at St. John Church. Any exceptions to this statement shall be considered extenuating circumstances and shall have the prior approval of the Minister and/or Elders, and/or Church Council.


I. When the Minister conducts a wedding ceremony, the ceremony is expected to take place within the facilities of the Church. The sanctuary or chapel are places where persons are most likely to be conscious of God's presence.


II. All weddings conducted within the facilities of St. John shall be under the charge of the Minister. With the permission of the Minister, other ordained clergy may be invited to assist.


III. No persons will be married without the Minister conducting a pre-marriage consultation and planning session. This session will normally be scheduled at least one month prior to the date of the ceremony. The Minister reserves the right to refuse to conduct a ceremony if, in good conscience, the Minister questions the ability of the couple to sustain their marriage vows.


IV. Floral arrangements and other decorations are appropriate if they do not obscure the Chancel. The couple is responsible for the removal of all floral arrangements and decorations so that other services are not impeded.


V. When candles are used, special care is required to keep wax from spilling on carpets. All candles, with the exception of the Unity Candle, shall be either of the tube or liquid cartridge type. Seven candled floor candelabra are available for use at no charge. Pew candle holders can only be used by members. Pew decorations must be attached by pipe cleaners or ribbons or elastic. No tape is permitted.


VI. Because of liability exposure, no rice or bird seed throwing is permitted and no alcoholic beverages are to be served.


VII. All dates for weddings shall be scheduled with the Church Secretary in concert with the Minister.


VIII. Appropriate music shall be used for the wedding, consonant with the solemnity of worship, and acceptable to the Organist and the Minister. A guest organist may perform with the prior approval, or with an audition and the prior approval, of the Organist.


IX. All receptions held in Fellowship Hall shall be no longer than three hours and shall begin prior to 4:00 p.m. on a day preceding a scheduled worship service.


X. Photography is not permitted during the wedding ceremony, unless the Minister approves. Video taping is permitted provided it does not detract from the solemnity of the ceremony.


XI. The Church Secretary will set-up, print and fold wedding bulletins - provided the information and materials are supplied one week in advance.


XIII. All fees are payable the date of rehearsal. Cash payment in individual envelopes is encouraged and may be given to the Minister for distribution.


XIV. The Bride and her party may dress in the Choir Rehearsal Room, which is conveniently located just below the Chapel. The Groom and his party may dress in the classroom adjacent to the Church office.


 *Organist available


Adopted by Church Council on July 11, 2013

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