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For me the beginning of the year is a good time to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the upcoming one. I took some time and scrolled through St. John’s Facebook page posts and pictures over the past year. It is full of good memories and many ways of seeing God at work. This past year we witnessed new life and death, we laughed and cried but through all of this, we look to and trust God for his work among us.

2017 brought some changes in staff. We said good bye to Bobbie McGinnis in her role as choir director. We welcomed Rick Michel as our organist and welcomed back on staff Cindy Smith as our choir director.

We worshipped together, fellowshipped together and we served together. Guest speakers Tom Patton, Ron Hall, Melissa Young, Al Osler and Jay Huff all blessed us with challenging messages. We ate together at a spring and fall luncheon after church and the ladies had their annual luncheon. The Seasoned Seniors join together monthly to eat and to fellowship. We served together at our Corn Fest booth, Akron Canton Food Bank, and with our continued work through the Tiger Paw Packs program.

Prayer plays an important role in our church and community. This past year we joined with the churches in Strasburg in meeting together quarterly to pray for our community. We also joined again with the community in prayer at the school in the beginning of the school year.

We experienced the generosity of our congregation as we raised money and were able to purchase a new sound system. The Celebration of Music fundraiser organized by the music and worship committee was an enjoyable afternoon of music. We also were able to raise money for much needed new carpet in the upstairs Sunday school room. A bake sale and youth car wash helped with raising this money. A six-week stewardship campaign in September and October, along with stewardship stories from our congregation, challenged us as we think about the resources God has blessed us with.

Our youth have an active and important role in the life of our congregation. They served together, had fun together and learned together.   In addition to weekly Sunday School, the youth joined together in ice skating, distributing cheer boxes to our shut ins, attended the Jerusalem Walk, a summer cook out, day camp at the Wilderness Center, a fall party, 5th quarter parties after home football games, and Christmas caroling followed by making homemade pizza. Youth Sunday was a highlight with Tim Hiller sharing his testimony as a successful quarterback.

The Scouting programs that we host at St. John continue to expand with the addition of a Scout Venturing Crew this past year. The Scouts reach many youth in Strasburg and beyond. This past year Strasburg High School became a host for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes program. Twice a month over 50 youth from our middle and high school join together for bible study and prayer.

We enjoyed worshipping and serving together with all the churches in town through services at Ash Wednesday, Lenten Bible studies, Maundy Thursday and Thanksgiving. The Live Nativity was a joy to host as we joined together with all the churches for this public witness of our Saviors’ birth.

I celebrate the accomplishments and the ways we see God at work. I anticipate all that this coming year might hold for us as a church family. God is able to do far more then we can ever ask or imagine!

In His Service,

Jason Rissler


February Birthdays


75 & Older





Jean Moran                      02/02


Ray Bender                       02/03


Dorothy Fulton                 02/07


Katherine Wells                02/09


Marilyn Burgess                02/10


Nancy Lyon                       02/11


Bill George                         02/19


Norma Freitag                  02/26





Thank You! 





Thank you for all the cards and visits. They were greatly appreciated.


God Bless,


Lena Hilbert






Thank you for the prayers, cards, calls, food and visits during my surgery and recovery. Also thank you to everyone who sent cards, gave gifts, and well wishes for the Holidays. I couldn’t ask for a more thoughtful, caring church.


Thank you,








Thank you for the cards and the gifts I really appreciate your kindness.


Thank you,








A great big "thank you" for the cards, notes and the generous Christmas gifts. We truly feel blessed and appreciated.  It is a joy to serve God together with you here at St. John UCC.  Looking forward to all that God has in store in this upcoming year! 


Pastor Jason and Heather Rissler





Annual Meeting 

Sunday, February 25, 2018



Dear Friends at St. John,


            At this point, I’m not sure who is still with you who might remember Don and Sue Klohr. But I know they had so many friends they have spoken of so fondly over the years. So I am sending along this notice that Sue died in September. She was 91 years old and died a couple of weeks after her birthday. So if any of her peers remember her, they will want to know – Mom and Dad were there from 1950 to 1959. I was 8 years old when we left, but still have clear, happy memories of Strasburg. My dearest memory is that there were so many folks who were “aunts” and “uncles”.


                   With fond memories,


Ann (Klohr) Pearson


The Funeral Card/Bulletin is hanging on the Church Board


Lenten Study and Worship


Once again the churches of Strasburg are joining together over Lent for various worship services and Bible studies.  The times together are a beautiful opportunity to join together as the Body of Christ in Strasburg.  


Ash Wednesday - Wednesday, February 14th 6:30 at the Strasburg United Methodist Church.


Maundy Thursday Meal and Communion - Thursday, March 29th, First Lutheran


Lenten Bible Studies


Theme:  Jesus Brings New Life, Examples from Jesus' ministry, each week we will also highlight a local Strasburg ministry.


February 18, 6:30 pm - First Lutheran Church


February 25, 6:30 pm - Led by Lighthouse, held at Strasburg UMC


March 4, 6:30 pm - St. John UCC


March 11, 6:30 pm - Strasburg UMC


March 18, 6:30 pm - Cross Connections, held at the Wardell Building, 840 S. Wooster Ave.


Scout Sunday


Next Sunday, February 4th is Scout Sunday.  We look forward to having the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Venturing Crew with us and participating in our morning worship service.  




Souperbowl of Caring


Sunday, February 4 is Souperbowl Sunday.  The Souper Bowl of Caring utilizes Super Bowl weekend in America to mobilize young people to fight hunger and poverty in their local communities. Your donations will support the work of the Tiger Paw Pack program.



New Dawn


 Mary Ann Farthing


865 East Iron Ave/Rm 708


Dover, OH 44622


Country Club


Eva Longacher


862 E Iron Ave Apt 108


Dover, OH 44622


Inn at Northwood Village


 Katherine Wells


5799 N. Wooster Ave Rm 104


Dover, OH 44622



Bud Longacher


5799 N. Wooster Ave Rm 503


Dover, OH 44622



Carol Edwards


5799 N. Wooster Ave Rm 601


Dover, OH 44622



Carol Huffman


5799 N. Wooster Ave Rm 609


Dover, OH 44622



Lena Hilbert


5799 N. Wooster Ave Rm 212


Dover, OH 44622



Allay Senior Care Center


Of Myers Lake


 Margaret Reynolds


3328 – 13th Street NW Rm 4


Canton, OH 44708



Amherst Meadows Senior Center


Joyce Hall


1610 First Street N.E.


Massillon, OH 44646


Park Village


 Ruth Breniser


1511 Crater Ave/#11C


Dover, OH 44622



Arlene Reed


1511 Crater Ave/#18A


Dover, OH 44622



Nancy Lyon


1529 Crater Ave/#18G


Dover, OH 44622


Apartments on the Park Village Campus


Doris Straub


1529 Crater Ave. Apt. 12G


Dover, OH 44622



Dorothy Fulton


1529 Crater Ave. Apt. 54H


Dover, OH 44622



Betty L. Ickes


1529 Crater Ave. Apt. #51H


Dover, OH 44622





Bolivar Hennis Care Center


 Betty Smith


300 Yant Street Room 125


Bolivar, OH 44612



Apartment on the Country Club Campus


Bob Zeltman


860 E. Iron Ave. Apt. 225


Dover, OH 44622



Windsor Medical Center


Marge Jossi


1454 E. Maple Street/Rm 2441


North Canton, OH 44720
























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6:30p Ash Wednesday Service UMC


5:15p Cong. Care

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6:30p Council








7:00p Scouts


Office Closed/President’s Day


6:00p Girl/Cub Scouts


Newsletter Deadline


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Annual Meeting


Blanket Sunday


6:00p Blue & Gold Banquet Set-up


7:00p Scouts


6:30p Blue & Gold Banquet


6:00p Bells

7:00p Choir


























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