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Something New




We moved quickly from Thanksgiving, to Advent, to Christmas and now a new year, 2019!


We all like something new: new clothes, a new car, a new baby or a new home. Every 24 hours we are given a new day. We are anticipating a new year. As we read through the Bible, we see that God specializes in making all things new, in doing new things.


The word of the Lord through the prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 43:18-19, “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.” There are times that God told his people to remember God’s working in the past and then other times he told them to forget the past.


There is a place to remember and a place to look ahead. We remember how God has been faithful in the past. We remember how God has provided for us. This gives us hope for the future. We cannot however, live in the past. We don’t live on the bread that God provided last month, last year, or 5 or 10 years ago. As God provided fresh Manna each morning for Israel, God provides fresh bread each day for us. When we live in the past, we miss what God wants to do today. God is a God of the new. His mercies are new every morning!


In the church, we remember and honor the ways that God has moved in the past. But as we look at the history of the church, we see God continuing to do new things. God doesn’t change. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. However, we see God working in many new and different ways, using those who make themselves available. As we move into a new year at St. John, we look forward to seeing what God will do and how he will use us! We have seen God work in the past and are confidence that he will continue to do new things, as we provide space.


God also desires to do a new work in each one of us. 2 Corinthians 5:17 tells us if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! As you enter into the New Year, perhaps there are things from the past you are carrying that you need to leave in the past. God is the one who makes us new. We need him to do that work in us. Hopefully this year we look more Christ like, more like the new creation, than we did last year. And by the grace of God, next year will look more like Christ than today. Invite God to do that work in you.


God is a God of the new. We celebrate God’s work in our lives. We celebrate God’s work in our church. But with that, we don’t live in the “yesterday.” We live in today and look forward to the new things that God will do today and tomorrow!




God bless you!   Pastor Jason


"I want to thank each person involved in helping with the Live Nativity this year.  It was a tremendous success and is an honor for us to host this annual community event at St. John."   


Pastor Jason




January Birthdays

75 & Older



Sally Pariso                      01/06


Bud Longacher                  01/14


Jane Andreas                   01/15


Donna George                   01/22


Bub Dreher                      01/23


Beverly Rentsch                01/25


Jean Hawk                       01/30


Carol Huffman                  01/30


Betty Neidenthal              01/30




Happy 90th Birthday to

Donna George





With Sincere Sympathy



Ed Goehring December 4, 2018




JANUARY 15, 2019









JANUARY 27, 2019



Thank You! 


To the Congregation,

          We would like to Thank all of you who smiled and thanked us for the wearing of our Santa Hats and our giving of the chocolate presents. It makes us happy to keep everyone smiling. And the stories some of you share with us about some of our past December ushers, Paul Kate, Dave Edwards & Jeff Bender are always wonderful.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


The December Ushers & Greeters!



Thank you to our generous congregation and council for our gifts and cards. We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Jodi & Corrinne



Thank You! 

Thank you to the Carolers for coming to the Inn at Northwood Village. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated.

Susan Murphy & Lena Hilbert




A heartfelt thank you to Pastor Jason for all the time and encouragement he gave to Ed during his suffering and pain. Being there when he needed encouragement and comfort. For the wonderful funeral service. He helped to ease our sorrow. We truly are blessed to have Jason as our minister.

Bonnie Goehring



I want to thank the Congregational Care Committee for the Thanksgiving Day card. I appreciated the ladies who came to offer me Communion. I just wanted to thank Pastor Jason and the Church for thinking of the shut-ins. You are very much appreciated in all that you and the Church offers.

A shut-in member,

Joyce Hall



Thank you to Betty Ickes for the donation to the church of a calculator and tape for the use in the office.


Thank you to the Carolers who came to my apartment for the beautiful Christmas Carols.

Betty Ickes


We want to thank you as the congregation for your kindness and generosity.  Your gift and many Christmas cards have truly blessed us.  It is an honor to serve with you in the work of God! 

Sincerely,   Jason and Heather Rissler


Thank You to the Lovely Children in The Kids Korner Class for the beautiful handmade birthday card that was handmade and designed by Hannah Rissler in the Kids’ Corner Class! It is wonderful that each child gets a chance to do this special birthday card! It was a well-received surprise! Thank You to the wonderful teachers, Miss Heather and Miss Jackie!   The children did a wonderful job Sunday morning December 16, 2018 when the Children's Chime Choir played Away in a Manger, Special Music by the Elementary Sunday School Class,
(3 songs) & A Manger Scene by The Middle and High School Sunday School Class!

God Bless Deanna Zaugg




A sincere thank you to all who sent cards, brought food, and for your visits during this difficult time after Rick’s sudden passing. A special thank you to Pastor Jason and for his visit to Heather. I appreciate everyone’s thoughtfulness.

Denise Zeigler & Family







Written by Heather Rissler

I am distracted. I woke early at 4 this morning, partly because I had too much on my mind to drift back into an unconscious state, and partly because there was work to be done. Work that couldn't wait. Here we are in the season of waiting and I had all good intentions when Advent began. I wanted to be reflective and focused on Christ and the miracle of His coming. Yet, my heart is full of worry and unrest and frantic thoughts about all that needs to be done. This isn't the way that it is supposed to be. This is exactly what I wanted to avoid. I am short-tempered and impatient. I am stretching myself too thin for my body to keep up and I feel the walls caving in. How did I get to this place? Did I not tune my heart to the echoes of angels singing over the mountains?.. saying ready yourself. Here is what I am ready for: I am ready for everything to be still. I am ready to look into the faces of my children and stop to admire them. I am ready for Jesus to come close and light all the darkness in me--all the ways that I have pushed him aside. Jesus come and take your rightful place. Restore the lamp to front and center and not crowded out by lists and places to be, errands to run, things to buy. Oh the ways that we distort this beautiful time! Oh the ways that I have ran too far ahead when Jesus was calling me to be still! Calling me to remember how deeply we needed Him to come. During Advent that falls in a desolate time of year, at least here in the Northern parts of the earth when it's cold and dark so much of the time, I can't help but be reminded of the darkness into which Jesus was born, a spiritual darkness permeating the earth. I recall a scene of grief when Adam and Eve are banished from the Garden of Eden. Did Eve weep? Did Adam's soul feel crushed under the weight of the curse? A door was firmly closed--the finality. For generations they would be bound to Levitical law and animal sacrifices to a high priest in order for their sins to be reconciled. All for being unsatisfied, for wanting to be like God, for giving into the serpents whispers of more, more, more---Their appetite never being satisfied no matter where they turned to fill the hole inside them. They would hunger, they would ache for him and writhe in pain. No doubt God's anger and his own grief were muddled together knowing that his relationship with his creation had been broken. A tragic love story. A child leading a people out of darkness. 9 months in her belly. Centuries waiting for a Saviour. It's hard to wait Mary. It's hard to wait Eve, Adam, Abraham, David, Jeremiah, Zachariah. It is so hard to wait. The light dimming, the fire dying, the darkness thickening--And, then there were the prophecies, the promise of a coming hope, a light, a king. The waiting was excruciating. But finally, God showed up. Emmanuel God with us. The greater the darkness, the brighter the light shines. The more we hurt, the more we need Him. The more fed up we are with our own shortcomings, the more relief we have. The lonelier we are, the more we crave company. When we sell ourselves out to the serpent, we need to be bought back. Emmanuel God with us. He brought this beautiful perfect baby into the world, who would eventually crawl out of Mary's lap and straight toward the cross. Advent and Lent are fused together. They are a puzzle that doesn't work one without the other. I throw my hands up, I am waving the white flag. I am resigned to Jesus. This season of gray, clouds rarely parting to let us have sunshine. Empty, brown and yellow muddy fields, plowed under, put to bed. Trees undress themselves and shed their clothes on my lawn--the Smell of wood smoke as I breathe the cold air and feel the brittle earth under my feet. I am waiting for you. I am waiting for you. I am waiting, Jesus. Lift up my head. Turn my eyes from the weary and worn, from the questions without answers from the race to keep up with expectations that were never meant to be for me anyway. My thoughts are all over the place, but God you say, Listen Heather. Stop! Heather...Love the Lord, your God. This is the one thing you ask. We whittle your calling down into idols that were never meant to take your place. Come let us Adore Him. Come, rest in peace...You've untangled all the vines that have grown across Eden, you have torn the curtain in two. Emmanuel a name with more meaning than a thousand names strung together. A baby's cry piercing the night, cutting through the silence, bringing relief as one breath was taken and another exhaled deeply. Air into the child's lungs, a breath of relief out of his mother's. Holiness everywhere as the sounds of a newborn echoed through the yawning darkness of night. Your morning has come. Your light has arrived. Rejoice, here he comes singing songs over you. In the few days leading up to Christmas, may I slow down even if it means things just don't get done? It doesn't matter-- More of you, less of me. O Come, O come MY Emmanuel.


Our Nursing Home Residents


New Dawn


Mary Ann Farthing


865 East Iron Ave/Rm 708


Dover, OH 44622




Country Club


Eva Longacher


862 E Iron Ave Apt 108


Dover, OH 44622




Inn at Northwood Village



Katherine Wells


5799 N. Wooster Ave Rm 104


Dover, OH 44622




Bud Longacher


5799 N. Wooster Ave Rm 503


Dover, OH 44622




Carol Huffman


5799 N. Wooster Ave Rm 609


Dover, OH 44622




Lena Hilbert


5799 N. Wooster Ave Rm 212


Dover, OH 44622




Allay Senior Care Center


Of Myers Lake



Margaret Reynolds


3328 – 13th Street NW Rm 15


Canton, OH 44708




Amherst Meadows Senior Center


Joyce Hall


1610 First Street N.E.


Massillon, OH 44646


Park Village


Arlene Reed


1511 Crater Ave/#18A


Dover, OH 44622




Ken Burgess


1525 Crater Ave Rm 307


Dover, OH 44622




Doris Straub


1529 Crater Ave/#10G


Dover, OH 44622




Apartments on the Park Village Campus


Betty L. Ickes


1529 Crater Ave. Apt. 51H


Dover, OH 44622






Bolivar Hennis Care Center


Betty Smith


300 Yant Street Room 125


Bolivar, OH 44612




Apartment on the Country Club Campus



Bob Zeltman


860 E. Iron Ave. Apt. 225


Dover, OH 44622




Country Lawn Altercare


Diana Harper


10608 Navarre Rd. SW


Navarre, OH 44662




The Congregational Care transportation service is a benefit gift from St John UCC to any of our members who are in need of transportation anywhere.

Call 330-343-1419 or 330-413-0685


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