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Over the past months our nation has suffered one tragedy after the next…Harvey, Irma, Las Vegas, wildfires….the list goes on. We can become callous as images and news like this become far too common place.


On the one hand we want to help out if we can.   As a congregation we just collected over $500 as well as personal hygiene items for hurricane relief. These are certainly ways that we can help out. But on the other hand we can feel helpless to make a difference. The needs are so great, there are so many needs and I am just one person.


My friend Noah Kaye, following the shooting in Las Vegas wrote in a blog words that I read during a sermon several weeks ago. These words were a challenge to me. He wrote: “Like so many of you, I am sick and tired and angry and confused and dumfounded and disgusted and broken hearted over the latest mass shooting, now in Vegas. Each time these happen, I see a gazillion people say they are praying. Frankly, that's losing meaning for me. I still believe prayer works. But I do NOT believe prayer is a replacement for love, action and compassion. And that is what bothers me each time these things happen. What can I DO? I feel so helpless. 




I am aware that I can give money, give blood, give organs, give time, give assistance, etc. However, like many of you may also experience, some of those things are practically impossible or else incredibly difficult for whatever reason. Some will be able to, some will not. 




So, the more I pondered this, the more I thought that the best thing I can do is to genuinely love as many people as I can today! To have meaningful connections with every human being I can today. To reflect the value of another. To make eye contact, smile, and speak. To promote connection, not isolation. To create community, not fuel loneliness. These are things I CAN do today. And I think they matter...a lot!”




There are things that we can do today. There is a difference that we can make today in the lives of people around us. People are hurting. People are lonely. People are in need of a smile, a kind word, a note of encouragement, a pat on the back or a loving handshake.




This month is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time of remembering the many ways God has blessed us and it is also a time of remembering those who have less than we do. We often think of those who have material need. Let’s not forget them. But let’s also not forget those who are in need of friendship, those in need of a visit, and those in need of being remembered.




Andrew Creagan shared with us on Sunday, as part of the FCA youth sharing, the story of Job. Job made the choice to turn to God, not away from God when trouble struck. In these times of disasters and tragedy we look to God anew. We place our trust in him. We pray and we do the things that we can do.




Let’s make a difference in our world, one person at a time! God bless you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!




God’s peace and grace to you,


Jason Rissler, Pastor


November Birthdays


75 & Older




Betty Ickes                      11/11


Bonnie Goehring                11/22


Lena Hilbert                     11/29





Thank You! 




Thank you to Al and Kathy Osler for the beautiful flowers I received. I appreciated it very much.

Barb Limbacher


A great big thank you to those that furnished soup, dessert, donated money or helped in any way at the soup and sandwich luncheon. Thanks to Jane Andreas for making the creamed chicken, and to the fellowship committee and all those extra hands that helped clean up. Thank you to John and Jacob Farthing for carrying the containers of soup to the social hall. They were such a big help. May God richly bless you.

Barb Limbacher – Fellowship Committee







Annual Election & Budget Meeting


Sunday, November 19, 2017


following the Worship Service




The 2018 Budget is will be located on the CROP table and the table in the Narthex on Sunday, November 5, 2017


Strasburg Lions Club


Blood Mobile


November 15, 2017


2:00 – 6:00p


Strasburg School





Community Thanksgiving Service

Sunday, November 19, 2017

7:00p at St. John UCC

Community Service & Communion

Guest Speaker:

Louise Worsham T-4-C Director

Community Choir






November 16, 2017






Shredded Turkey & Dressing Casserole & Gravy


Cranberry Relish Salad


Pumpkin Squares


Coffee & Punch





Glen Youngen


Bike across country from


California to Florida






One hour (11:00a) before the program and one hour after the program is over; Bonnie Wood will be taking blood pressures and Sue Burdett would like to look at your list of medication that you are taking. Everyone is encouraged to either bring all your pill bottles or a written list of all medication taken.



New Dawn


MaryAnn Farthing

865 East Iron Ave/Rm 708

Dover, OH 44622


Country Club


Eva Longacher

862 E Iron Ave Apt 108

Dover, OH 44622


Inn at Northwood Village


Katherine Wells

5799 N. Wooster Ave Rm 104

Dover, OH 44622


Bud Longacher

5799 N. Wooster Ave Rm 503

Dover, OH 44622


Carol Edwards

5799 N. Wooster Ave Rm 601

Dover, OH 44622


Carol Huffman

5799 N. Wooster Ave Rm 609

Dover, OH 44622


Park Village


Ruth Breniser

1511 Crater Ave/#11C

Dover, OH 44622


Arlene Reed

1511 Crater Ave/#18A

Dover, OH 44622


Allay Senior Care Center

Of Myers Lake


Margaret Reynolds

3328 – 13th Street NW Rm 4

Canton, OH 44708



Apartments on the Park Village Campus



Doris Straub

1529 Crater Ave. Apt. 12G 

Dover, OH 44622

Dorothy Fulton

1529 Crater Ave. Apt. 54H

Dover, OH 44622

Betty L. Ickes

1529 Crater Ave. Apt. 51H

Dover, OH 44622


Bolivar Hennis Care Center


Betty Smith

300 Yant Street Room 125

Bolivar, OH 44612


Apartment on the Country Club Campus


Bob Zeltman

860 E. Iron Ave. Apt. 225

Dover, OH 44622


Windsor Medical Center


Marge Jossi

1454 E. Maple Street/Rm 2441

North Canton, OH 44720




We are pleased to be hosting the annual Live Nativity December 9th at St. John UCC







The kitchen is in need of some more plastic containers with lids.




Thank You!






















6:00p Bells

7:00p Choir



6:00p Music & Worship




Social Hall Reserved


All Saints Sunday


Daylight savings ends, turn back clocks


5:00p Social Hall Reserved

5:00p Tiger Paw Packing/Outreach

6:30p Bd of Christian Ed

7:00p Boy Scouts


6:00p Girl/Cub Scouts


6:00p Bells

6:30p Venture Crew

7:00p Choir



5:15p-Cong. Care

6:00p Missions

6:30p Council







Pastor Jason Vacation


8:00a Social Hall Reserved



Pastor Jason Vacation





Pastor Jason Vacation


7:00p Boy Scouts





6:00p Bells

7:00p Choir



12:00p Seasoned Seniors


Newsletter Deadline






Election & Budget Meeting


7:00p Community Thanksgiving & Communion


7:00p Boy Scouts



6:00p Girl Scouts


Jodi Vacation











Office Closed

Thanksgiving Day!





Office Closed












Hanging of the Greens





7:00p Boy Scouts





Corrinne Vacation



6:00p Scouts


6:00p Bells

7:00p Choir





























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