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March 4th

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March 11th

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March 18th

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March 25th

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March 4th

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March 2018

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March 1st

6:00p – Music & Worship


March 5th

5:00p – Tiger Paw/Outreach

6:00p – Blue & Gold set-up

6:30p – Board of Christian Ed


March 6th

6:30p – Blue & Gold Banquet


March 10th

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March 11th

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March 14th

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March 15th

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March 20th

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March 25th

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March 29th

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March 30th

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The Congregational Care transportation service is a benefit gift from St John UCC to any of our members who are in need of transportation anywhere.
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 The Pastor’s Page






We are walking through the season of Lent. Lent is a 40-day season between Ash Wednesday and Easter where we commemorate the 40 days that Jesus spent in the wilderness in prayer and fasting before the start of his ministry.

Many people “give something up” for lent; perhaps chocolate, caffeine, TV or Facebook.   This is a form of fasting, giving something up to make space for God and for God’s working in our lives.

Lent is also a season where we look reflectively on our own lives, where we come to grip with our own need of Resurrection.    We are made aware of our sinfulness, our brokenness, our mortality and the hurt that we carry.   As such, it can be a season of darkness.   But also one of light as we look forward to hope that Easter brings.

During our community Ash Wednesday service last week, we reflected on this quote from Thomas A ’Kempis. "Blessed is that person who always has the hour of death before his eyes and who is daily prepared to die! Always be ready, therefore, and live so that death my never find you unprepared… How happy and wise is that person who strives now to be in life what he wishes to be found in death… Keep yourself as a pilgrim and stranger on earth, a person to whom the affairs of the world mean nothing apart from Christ.”

As we think about these words from A ‘Kempis, my challenge to us all is that this can be a season where we allow God to do a new work in our lives.   Two questions for us to consider. Are there things in my life that I need to let go of? Are there things in my life that I need to take up. Let’s consider these two questions.

Are there things that I need to let go of? Maybe there are things you are giving up for lent, but what are things to let go of not just for lent, but as a new way of living? This might include un-forgiveness, hurtful habits, addictions, selfishness, pride, self-righteousness, or unhealthy ways of living.

Are there things that I need to take up? This could include new spiritual disciplines such as scripture reading, prayer or the regular gathering with others for worship and encouragement. It could include new habits such as exercise, serving, giving, offering hospitality or helping those in need.

We don’t go about this on our own. The Holy Spirit not only shows us the changes that we need to make but empowers us to make those changes.   My prayer for each one of us is that God’s Spirit shows us the thing that we need to let go and the things we need to take up, as well as empowers us to do these things!

May God bless each of you with His hope and peace,

Pastor Jason


March Birthdays


75 & Older





Terry Zingery                   03/07

Carol Edwards                   03/17

Arlene Reed                      03/20

Ruth Breniser                   03/22





Thank You! 





A big thank you to Pastor Jason for making the early morning drive to Canton to pray with us and for visiting with Fred during my knee surgery. We very much appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness.


Fred & Terri Tuerler



Thank you to all of you who made the lovely Valentine boxes. The box was full of lots of good snacks, fruit and other nice things. We’re sorry we missed the folks who came to visit but we do appreciate the time they took out of their busy schedules.


Carol Huffman’s Family



To our church family and friends;

Words cannot express our gratitude for all your prayers, cards, food and the pretty altar flowers. Thank you so much.

God Bless You All,


Beulah and Bill Hensel



Our family was very touched by the compassion shown to us since the passing of our precious great-grandson, Zayne Paulik. Your cards, prayers, and continued concerns have been truly comforting. Thank You and God Bless each one of you.

The Don & Pat Liggett Family



I want to thank the Sunday school class who delivered my Cheerbox. I greatly appreciated it.


Bob Zeltman


Thank you to all of the youth and adults who prepared the Valentine Boxes and to Stacy, Tessa & Trenton Bitikofer and Abbey, Cole & Caden Hutchison for delivering a box to me.

God Bless All of You!


Betty L. Ickes





Lenten Study and Worship


Once again the churches of Strasburg are joining together over Lent for various worship services and Bible studies.  The times together are a beautiful opportunity to join together as the Body of Christ in Strasburg.  


Maundy Thursday Meal and Communion - Thursday, March 29th, First Lutheran


Good Friday Service Friday, March 30th, 7:00p
St John UCC

Lenten Bible Studies


Theme:  Jesus Brings New Life, Examples from Jesus' ministry, each week we will also highlight a local Strasburg ministry.



March 4, 6:30 pm - St. John UCC


March 11, 6:30 pm - Strasburg UMC


March 18, 6:30 pm - Cross Connections, held at the Wardell Building, 840 S. Wooster Ave.




New Dawn


Mary Ann Farthing

865 East Iron Ave/Rm 708

Dover, OH 44622


Country Club


Eva Longacher

862 E Iron Ave Apt 108

Dover, OH 44622


Inn at Northwood Village


Katherine Wells

5799 N. Wooster Ave Rm 104

Dover, OH 44622


Bud Longacher

5799 N. Wooster Ave Rm 503

Dover, OH 44622


Carol Edwards

5799 N. Wooster Ave Rm 601

Dover, OH 44622


Carol Huffman

5799 N. Wooster Ave Rm 609

Dover, OH 44622


Lena Hilbert

5799 N. Wooster Ave Rm 212

Dover, OH 44622


Allay Senior Care Center

Of Myers Lake


Margaret Reynolds

3328 – 13th Street NW Rm 4

Canton, OH 44708


Amherst Meadows Senior Center

Joyce Hall

1610 First Street N.E.

Massillon, OH 44646

Park Village


Ruth Breniser

1511 Crater Ave/#11C

Dover, OH 44622


Arlene Reed

1511 Crater Ave/#18A

Dover, OH 44622


Nancy Lyon

1529 Crater Ave/#18G

Dover, OH 44622


Doris Straub

1529 Crater Ave/#12G

Dover, OH 44622



Apartments on the Park Village Campus



Dorothy Fulton

1529 Crater Ave. Apt. 54H

Dover, OH 44622


Betty L. Ickes

1529 Crater Ave. Apt. 51H

Dover, OH 44622



Bolivar Hennis Care Center


Betty Smith

300 Yant Street Room 125

Bolivar, OH 44612


Apartment on the Country Club Campus


Bob Zeltman

860 E. Iron Ave. Apt. 225

Dover, OH 44622



Windsor Medical Center


Marge Jossi

1454 E. Maple Street/Rm 2441

North Canton, OH 44720

Boy Scout Troop 72

Spaghetti Dinner

Sunday, March 11, 2018

11:00a – 1:30p

St. John UCC

$7.00, ages 5 and under free

Take out available




MARCH 2018


















6:00p Music & Worship






6:30p Lenten Bible Study

St John UCC



5:00p Tiger Paw/Outreach

6:30p Bd of Christian Ed

7:00p Scouts

7:00p Blue & Gold Banquet Set-up


6:00p Girl Scouts


6:30p Blue & Gold Banquet


6:00p Bells

7:00p Choir






Social Hall Reserved Scouts


11:00-1:30p Boy Scout Spaghetti Dinner


6:30 pm – Lenten Bible Study Strasburg UMC


Daylight Savings Time Begins


7:00p Scouts





6:00p Bells

6:30p Venture Crew

7:00p Choir


12:00p Seasoned Seniors


5:15p Cong. Care

6:00p Missions

6:30p Council






6:30 pm – Lenten Bible Study Cross Connections, held at the Wardell Building


6:00p Girl Scouts

7:00p Scouts



6:00p Girl/Cub Scouts


Newsletter Deadline



6:00p Bells

7:00p Choir








Palm Sunday


7:00p Scouts





6:00p Bells

7:00p Choir


6:30p Maundy Thursday Service & Communion

Strasburg First Lutheran Church


Office Closed


7:00p Good Friday Service

St John UCC



























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